10 ways to Maximize your Reward Points
1. Joining Bonus
25 Zippy Points
We don’t like 0 against any of our members, and hence as soon as you join this family of global consumer panel, we reward you with 25 Zippy Points.
2. App Registration Bonus
Additional 25 Zippy Points
The world is going mobile, and we don’t wish to be a deterrent, rather a facilitator! Register with us on the go through our App and get 25 additional Zippy Points.
3. Profile Completion Bonus
Up to 125 Zippy Points
We want our Zippy Family to earn while having fun by getting interesting and relevant surveys. Please complete your profile which also helps you to get more surveys.
4. Survey Completion
Between 25 and 250 Zippy Points
The points attributed to any survey varies. Our members are rewarded with pre-mentioned Zippy Points upon successful completion of the survey.
5. Referral Bonus
Between 5 and 50 Zippy Points
Sharing is Caring, and we believe the same too! Let you friends/families earn the benefits of Zippy Opinion while you earn 5 to 50 points for every successful referral.
6. Perennial Points Platform (Extra Surveys)
Between 25 and 250 Zippy Points
When you find yourself with some spare time and there are no survey invitations available in your inbox, we have additional survey opportunities for you to take from your account.
7. Bi-Monthly Facebook Contest
Up to 300 Zippy Points per Contest
Our members can take part in the bi-monthly Facebook contest, which happens during the first & third week of every month and stand a chance to win 300 points.
8. Monthly Twitter Contest
Up to 300 Zippy Points
We love our members as Tweeples; Participate in our monthly Twitter contest, which happens during the last week of every month, and stand a chance to win 400 points.
9. In-App Survey Completion
Up to 25 Zippy Points
Now, get rid of wasting time; just open our app anywhere and complete our surveys on the go. In-app survey completion gets you additional 25 points as the completion bonus.
10. Sweepstakes Contest
2500 Zippy Points
Everyone loves more, and we are no exception! Take part in this contest by purchasing a ticket by forfeiting your 500 points and stand a chance to win 5 times of the same!
About Zippy Opinion
Zippy Opinion is a community of opinion leaders who want to make their voices heard. It is a platform for people to participate in consumer research from organizations of global repute and share their opinions on products with just a click and, in exchange, win exciting rewards!